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Your iPhone Has a Hidden Keyboard

You know that weird friend of yours who always texts back in emoticons? No matter what the situation, she manages to dig out an appropriate smiley. She’ll spring an emoticon from the depths of a dead conversation. She’ll be swift, silent and deadly and you’ll never have a comeback ever. Read more

Snapchat photo save

How to Save Snapchat Photos (Secretly)

Disclaimer: This method is a bit cumbersome, requiring both effort as well as brains. If you’re a lazy-ass no do-gooder, you might not be willing to go to all this trouble. To such people we recommend “Don’t try to use this method”. And if you should try and are not able to pull it off, please don’t leave comments like “u R a suCKs!”, for us. Consider yourself suitably warned. Read more

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

The Most Useful Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

While interacting with our computers, we are so used to a mouse that we often forget that using a keyboard is much faster. That may not always be the case and there are instances when having a mouse speeds up work; but, as a rule of thumb, using a keyboard can be pretty convenient too, especially if you know how to make the most of them! Read more

iMessage notification

How to avoid being ‘seen’ on iMessages

The “blue-ticks” in a chat are probably the most hated of all technological inventions. You know what we are talking about — those little devils that appear the moment you open any chat app, be it Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. In case of iMessages, it’s the “seen at” stamp. Read more