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clean install mac os el capitan

Clean Install El Capitan – That’s How Pros Do It.

Upgrading your Mac’s operating system through the Appstore is child’s play, quite literally! OS X has a 4+ age rating on the Mac App Store. That’s like Apple saying ‘Even a five year old can do it.’ Which is probably true, because it’s just like any app install on your phone. Hit GET> Wait for the download > hit ‘INSTALL’ > OK > OK > OK > I Agree > Restart Now > Done.
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Hurrah, Third Party Keyboards are Here!

Even since iOS 8 was launched, iPhone users have had good reason to bring out their expensive wines and rejoice. Of all the nifty tweaks made to the operating system, the one that has everyone shouting “Hurrah!” is accessibility to third party keyboards. With Apple loosening the reins a bit, written conversations (or ‘typed’, to be more specific) are geared to become quicker, faster, and certainly more interesting.

So, shun aside envy of Android users and get yourself one of these (or all, if you please) alternate keyboards that people are downloading from the App Store at lightning speed. Beginning with … Read more

El Capitan OSX Mac

How to Prepare your Mac for El Capitan

If you’re like me, you must be eagerly waiting to upgrade your Mac OS to its latest instalment – OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Like the three versions before, it is available for direct download from the Mac App Store. And like the two versions before it, the latest upgrade is also free! Read more

iOS 9 install

Thing you SHOULD do before installing iOS 9

After more than 3 months of waiting (unless you signed up for the public beta), the new operating system for iPhone and iPad, iOS 9, is finally set to make a grand launch TONIGHT! Needless to say, we are very excited to play around with all the cool new features that  iOS 9 is going to bring us.

However, we will discuss those later. Here we are going to talk about some serious stuff – making all your devices – iPhones, iPads and iPods – i0S 9 ready so that the updates go smoothly and you don’t lose any data or applications.

So grab your notepads to start jotting down some valuable to-dos before the big launch tonight. Read more

iPhone 6S plus rose gold

Apple Launches Explained for Our Non-Techie Friends

If you aren’t an Apple (or tech) freak, all these new Apple products along with their fancy specifications, like 3D Touch, Apple Pencil, etc.,  must be bewildering you. Worry not. We’ve broken down the entire 2-hour presentation into a short 2-min read just for you. Even better, we are talking in real world terms minus, the unnecessary technical jargons. Enjoy the read! Read more

How to Activate SMS on iPad and Mac

One of the most awaited feature of iOS 8, for us at least, is the ability to send and receive regular (non-iPhone) messages on iPads and Mac. Now that iOS 8 has been updated to 8.1 and Yosemite for Mac has also been launched, its time to activate this cool update. Read more

iPhone app switcher

You’ve Been Using Your iPhone Wrong Till Now

For iPhone users, perhaps the biggest challenge is to get their battery to last throughout the day without having to charge it at least once. Most of us keep checking the battery meter with a frequency that borders on paranoia. As a self discovered solution, we have made a habit of ‘closing’ apps by swiping up on all the multitasking switcher believing that it makes the phone’s battery last longer. Well, it’s not true.  Read more

siri io9 feature

Hey Siri, Show My Photos

This is what you’re probably going to say when you come to know about Siri’s new iOS 9 functionality. You want to look at pictures on your iPhone from a vacation in Thailand you took two years back? It’s easy. All you have to do is say, “Siri, show me photos from Thailand”. Siri will immediately show you a series of photos from that wonderful trip you are reminiscing about so fondly. Read more