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Disable Live Photo

How to Disable Live Photos on iPhone and iPad

The idea of ‘moving pictures’ is certainly not new. Any Harry Potter fan can tell you that! But thanks to Apple, everyone from wizards to muggles, can take Live Photos and share them. Super cool right? Only, until you see the downsides! … Bam! Right in that happy face! 😈

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iPhone warranty expiration date

Now Check Your iPhone Warranty Coverage on the Device Itself

The latest iOS 12.2 version brought many happy additions and alterations to iPhones and iPads software. There are four new Animojis, improved audio message, Siri tricks, and a few more new features. But there’s a new handy feature that might have gone unnoticed just because you did not know where to look. So, here it is – you can check the warranty expiration date of your iPad and iPhone warranty right there on the device.

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zip files on Mac

Beginner’s Guide for Managing Zip Files on Macs

So you recently made a shift from the PC world to the Mac land. Great, Welcome to the fun side! Understandably, you might be struggling a bit to find your way around the new operating system. Almost everything is different (read: better) here — even small things like zipping and unzipping files! And that’s exactly what this guide is about. Step-by-step instructions for managing zip files on Mac.

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airpods software update

Did Your AirPods Software Auto-Update? Here’s How To Check

Attention AirPods users, there is a new software update in town! However, the challenge is that you can’t choose to update it yourself the way you would for an iOS or MacOS update. Instead, the AirPods software auto updates when they’re connected to an iPhone or iPad. So, have your AirPods updated to v6.3.2 or are you still living in the v3.7.2 era? Let’s find out.

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