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How to Get Rid of Duplicate Songs in Your iTunes Library

iTunes is an incredible music manager, and it has become much faster, cleaner, and even more interesting to use in the recent years. But if you have a massive iTunes library which has been existing for over a decade, it’s bound to have a few duplicates. And while you are listening to your library, the duplicates often keep on repeating, which can get quite bothersome. Read more

Apple iOS 11.3

How To Use Apple’s New iPhone Battery Health Setting In iOS 11.3

After facing the wrath and probably multiple lawsuits, Apple finally revealed that the company has been suppressing or throttling the device’s performance on older devices. Apple justified their act by saying that this was done to prevent unexpected shutdowns as the battery will inevitably weaken. Apple couldn’t ignore the backlash and launched a cut-price battery replacement scheme and promised a new management tool within the iOS to put the users back in control. Read more

iPhone Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement Can Boost your iPhone’s Performance

Do you have an iPhone whose battery is perfect despite its age? In this fast-paced, internet savvy world, you’re lucky to make it to mid-afternoon before the power gives out. It is a common dilemma. Or perhaps you have noticed that your iPhone seems to be slower than it was before? Apple recently admitted that iOS might hinder performance if it identifies an older battery. The slowdown intents to allow older iPhones to perform tasks without instantaneously shutting down. Read more

iPhone X

iPhone X, Apple’s First All-Screen Smartphone, Comes With Its Share Of Problems

The super premium iPhone X has been out in the market for just two weeks. Since the much-hyped launch, Apple’s latest flagship has been rife with problems. The issues in the device have the users wondering whether iPhone X was worth the hefty price tag? In case you are facing any of these problems with your shiny new iPhone X, here’s a list of fixes you can try for few of the common issues:
Read more