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Photos location details

4 Ways to Get Rid of the Location Details While Sharing Photos

When you share photos through iMessage, email or any other app in on your phone, you also send details of that image, including the location where it was clicked. While it isn’t a very big deal if you are sharing the information with family and friends but it could be a problem if you are putting up an ad to sell something on OLX or generally sharing with unknown people. Read more

app review requests

Permanently Disable App Review Requests With iOS 11

One of the most annoying things about an app, after the distasteful full-screen pop-up ads, is definitely the onslaught of unwanted app review requests. What’s worse is that unlike the ads, which only crop up in free apps, the request to review apps is a universal phenomenon affecting both paid and free apps equally. Read more

Photo Memories Apple

Official Tutorial Videos From Apple Show You How To Best Use Photo Memories

Apple prides itself in creating simple, intuitive software. They believe in making apps that are pretty much self-explanatory and don’t need to be taught to you. That’s why there are hardly any tutorial videos from Apple. However, Apple has changed that tradition by launching a series of tutorial videos teaching you how to get the best of Photo Memories. Read more

iPhone charging port

Dear Obsessive Cleaners, This is How You Keep iPhone Charging Port Dirt-Free

I have a theory about people who use Apple products. I believe they spend one-third of their lives cleaning whatever device (or devices) they’ve bought. They polish it, dust it, wipe off fingerprint smudges, go after it with a lint-free cloth, and lovingly scrub away any signs of wear and tear. God forbid if their iPhone, iPad, or iMac should look used. At all times, they have to remain pristine and sparkling, glowing with the rich aura of the money you spent on it. Read more