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iPhone Shortcuts

10 iPhone Shortcuts Everyone Must Know

When you own an iPhone and that shiny slim beauty stares at you, you tend to smile like a maniac. With an iPhone, comes an entirely different level of comfort and intuitiveness. But wait, let me list the most helpful iPhone shortcuts out there to increase your infatuation even further! Read more


How to Use Instagram Like A Pro

To say Instagram is insanely popular is to state the obvious. Any time you see people whip out their phones to take pictures of food, coffee mugs, dogs, sunsets, and of course, their own pretty faces, you can be pretty sure those clicks are going to end up on Instagram. Read more

Mail app

This is How You Undelete Emails in the iOS Mail App

A few days back, I deleted an email while using the iOS Mail App. A pop-up appeared asking me if I wanted to “Undo Trash”. Since I’d never seen this notification before, I didn’t quite understand what would happen if I responded to it. Would it ‘un-delete’ all my deleted emails? If so, where would the un-deleted emails wind up, and for how long exactly? Read more