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Siri iOS 11

Two Most Wanted Changes Are Coming to Siri in iOS 11

Since its launch with the iPhone 4S, Siri has had the makings of a fun and useful feature. But somehow, it still hasn’t managed to live up to its potential. There are many reasons why many iPhone users, including us, haven’t integrated Siri in their daily lives. Two of the most common complaints about Siri are its lack of contextual understanding and learning user preferences, and Apple is set to address both these issues in the next iOS version. Read more

SOS feature

New iOS 10.2 Update Adds SOS Feature to iPhones

Apple has been very vocal about privacy and user safety. The new update for iOS brings with it a nifty little feature to get you out of trouble. The new emergency feature a.k.a. SOS feature is still in its beta phase but it has great potential to help you out in exigent situations. Read more

Mail app

This is How You Undelete Emails in the iOS Mail App

A few days back, I deleted an email while using the iOS Mail App. A pop-up appeared asking me if I wanted to “Undo Trash”. Since I’d never seen this notification before, I didn’t quite understand what would happen if I responded to it. Would it ‘un-delete’ all my deleted emails? If so, where would the un-deleted emails wind up, and for how long exactly? Read more

Watch iPhone 7 event live

Here’s How To Live Stream Tonight’s iPhone 7 Launch Event

Today’s iPhone 7 launch event is probably the most anticipated tech event of the year. If you’re anything like us, we’re guessing you won’t be able to sit still until the event starts!

As usual, Apple will be live streaming the event, so charge your laptop, check your wifi, keep your bag of chips and coke ready and tune in today without fail.

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