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iPhone camera accessories

These Amazing iPhone Camera Accessories Just Became Available in India!

While browsing for good iPhone camera accessories, you’ll notice that most of them are not available in India. Several posts (like this one by CNET) list a bunch of amazing products, which are, sadly, beyond our reach. And since we don’t have relatives and friends who skip between India and US with regular frequency, we are left asking those around us “Yaar US se koi aa raha hai kya?” (Is anyone you know coming from  the US?) Read more

google pixel vs iphone 7

iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel: Battle of the Equals

iPhone 7’s dominance of the market was short-lived as other competitors quickly upped their game and came up with rival handsets of their own. While there were many contenders in the market, the one that created the most buzz was Pixel – Google’s first fully self-manufactured phone. Read more

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7: Should You Upgrade?

iPhone 7 was launched in India on October 7th, 2016. It created quite a stir in the first two weeks but lost its charm eventually. People started gravitating towards its older cousin, the iPhone 6s. Given the price gap between the two, they felt the 6s offered more value for money than the iPhone 7. Read more