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Read receipts on Mac

Now, Enable Read Receipts On Mac As Well!

All those who’ve come across cowardly people who aren’t courageous enough to ignore others on their faces, raise your hands. All of you? Tell me about it! But if you are one of those rare breeds of gutsy iPhone owners who don’t give a flying eff about read receipts and all that, here’s the good news for you. You can now ignore texts from pesky people on all three Apple devices – iPhone, iPad, and now, on Mac too!

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iCloud Storage

iCloud Storage, For One and All

The Free 5GB iCloud storage that Apple gives with every device is just not enough for you? Your photos, videos, songs collections don’t fit in the mini storage of expensive Apple device. Guess what there’s another deal for you to pay for! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present you… iCloud storage. *drum roll* 

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Bluetooth bug on Apple devices

Bluetooth Bug Allows Hackers To Track iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches

 “Curiouser and curiouser” said Alice. “I wonder what all these security updates are about?”, said I.

Well, that’s how I felt when I saw myriad Apple security announcements that bombarded my inbox overnight. A quick visit to my old friend Google unveiled news results related to new exploit tied to Bluetooth connectivity. That sent me to into a state of panic like gosh. Apparently, a Bluetooth bug makes it possible for peeps and creeps to track a wide range of Apple devices, including your iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches. Wipe that smug smile off people coz tablets running Microsoft Windows 10 has succumbed to this bug too! The only exception seems to be Android Devices. (Got lucky this time!)

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Add Relationship to Macbook

How to Add ‘Relationships’ to Your Mac Contacts

Sitting in front of your Mac and ordering Siri to, “Call Dad” or “Call Rahul” (Rahul, your boss, not that random ‘naam to suna hi hoga‘ fellow you met five years ago) should work like magic, right? In your dream world, it will! But in the real world, Siri will do a double take, questioning, “Who’s Dad?” or “Which Rahul did you mean?” I mean, our long list of confusing Mac contacts can be quite confusing – even for Siri.

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Autofill option on Safari

Password Autofill on Safari Aka a Life Saver

Imagine this – the new iPhone has just gone on sale, and you cannot wait to get your hands on it. You’ve been putting away a portion of your salary for this all year just like your dad asked you to do. Well, he wanted you to put it away in a savings account for when you’re old and bald, but hey, this is a good cause too! And anyway, this has meant a year of cup noodles for dinner and self-imposed dry months. Basically, you’ve earned that iPhone.

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MacBook Pro 2019

2019 MacBook Pro is Here, and It’s the Fastest MacBook Ever!

First, with the AirPods 2, and now with the 2019 MacBook Pro, Apple has become a bit of a repeat offender for when it comes to surprise launches! And while I love waking up to the smell of some hot steaming Apple news to go with my coffee. The surprises do get a bit too much for the heart to take, but I’ll soldier on! Because, spoiler alert, the new 15-inch MacBook comes with an eight-core processor.

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Joyoshare UltFix For Mac: iOS System Recovery Made Easy

We’re no strangers to a few glitches here and there on all our gadgets (mostly because we’re impatient and don’t stop tapping). And these usually go back to normal after a few seconds. But what happens when your cat decides to go Kung Fu on your iPad when it’s in recovery mode? A horror, duh. Your iPad crashes and gets stuck on recovery mode as your beloved kitty claws at it. Damned cat? That’s a different debate for a different platform. There, there, don’t cry. Here’s a tissue and a solution – Joyoshare UltFix for Mac, so wipe your tears and your worries.

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MacBook keyboard issue

Everything You Need to Know About the Ongoing MacBook Keyboard Fiasco

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Let me tell you a story about the time Apple launched its revolutionary butterfly keyboard in 2015. The MacBook keyboard was built to seamlessly blend in with the super sleek design and lightweight built. Obviously, the butterfly keyboard got us drooling over it, and obviously, Apple tried fitting the awe-inspiring tech in all its laptops.

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