Hey Siri, I have a question for Team Applesutra

    Thank You We’ll get back to you faster that you can say iPhone 12 Pro Max!



    Ah, you must be one those Apple maniacs, right?

    Yes sir, guilty as charged! Unless we live, lust, and eat Apple all day (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun), we cannot bring you the latest and the best stories from the Apple world.

    Our obsession is our attraction.

    You can count on us to keep you up to date with the rumour mill, tell you the smartest tips & tricks, solve the techiest of your problems, recommend the coolest apps, and even crack the funniest Apple jokes. In short, we bring you the ripest and juiciest titbits from the ‘Apple’ tree and serve it to you fresh on a platter.

    One more thing…

    All critics please note: We are not Apple devotees and we don’t mindlessly hail Apple as the almighty overlord of all things tech and design. When the time comes, we WILL call an iSpade an iSpade. At the same time, if you ask us to talk about the Samsungs and Microsofts of the world with equal enthusiasm, we will politely ask you to read our name again.

    So what’s the difference here?

    The answer is threefold

    1. What we say

    Of course we know that there are many well-known Apple-centric portals that provide similar information. We follow many of them ourselves. Our secret sauce is what we call the ‘The Indian twist’. We consolidate Apple related news / information from various sources and analyse it from the Indian market’s perspective. The message is not lost or tampered with; it’s only made more relevant. This one additional ingredient makes our dish exclusive.

    2. How we say

    We cannot and do not talk in that monotonous techy style that sends you off to sleep in 5 seconds flat. You will find us maintaining a casual chatty tone across the blog, and our writing is heavily sprinkled with generous dose of humour. That’s not to say the information isn’t serious; it just means that you will have fun while you learn.

    3. You also say

    We believe in open communication and believe in having a two-way street. We don’t just cover topics that we think will be relevant to you. We take requests, suggestions, and queries from you and write comprehensive posts for benefit of the Apple army. It’s basically a community for the Apple lovers, by Apple lovers.

    What’s with this twisted name?

    Official concept note

    We have a deep thoughtful reasoning behind the name. (We came up with this after finalizing the name, but that’s a secret … ssshhh!) Apple has been the symbol of temptation and indulgence since the time Mr. Adam and Ms. Eve received their one-way tickets to Earth. Today, tech daddy Apple is brilliantly carrying forward the name’s legacy. Hopefully (for the sake of our love for good gadgets and to keep our business running), it will continue to do so for decades to come. Sutra’ is a word of Sanskrit origin and means ’a knowledge thread (written, verbal or pictorial)’, which has been integral to both Hinduism and Buddhism. It’s truly Indian, yet relevant for a modern information-sharing medium. And you thought we were just fooling around with the ‘Kamasutra’, didn’t you? So, Applesutra brings together both the words and seamlessly combines them into a pertinent and contemporary name.

    Honest concept note

    • It’s cool.
    • It’s easy to remember.
    • It brings out the Indian connect.
    • But most importantly, the .com domain was available!