Hey Siri, I have a question for Team Applesutra

    Thank You We’ll get back to you faster that you can say iPhone 12 Pro Max!


    Got fabulous skills that would make the best writers perspire?
    Got vocabulary that would make Shashi Tharoor retire?
    Got knowledge about Apple that would make Tim Cook walk through fire?

    You’re just the writer we’re looking for!

    If you think you have the writing skills to dazzle the world (or at least the readers of our blog!), we’d love to hear from you.

    If you’re selected, you get to write for a captive audience that’s mad hatter crazy about all things Apple. And you get a byline that will establish you as a very serious writer.

    If you like the dolby sound of that …. Drop us a line. Write your best cover letter, send us your best samples and impress us no end. Who knows, this could be the deciding moment for you.

    Hey Siri, where do I send my application?