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    The Apple iPad is probably one of the most sought-after Apple products to date, especially for professionals and designers. However, its popularity isn’t limited to just artists and business people, and it has become an everyday household gadget—in large part due to the iPad’s price being somewhat more affordable than other Apple products. 

    The iPad India story began in 2012, with the introduction of the iPad 3, and we’ve since seen the release of numerous iPad Mini, Air, and Pros. While 2019 was somewhat of a disappointing year for iPad lovers, with only the release of an entry-level iPad instead of the Pro we were all waiting for, 2020 saw the release of a brand new iPad Pro. The latest iPad Pro is pretty much like its 2018 version, but with a new LiDAR scanner and a Magic Keyboard with a touchpad to give MacBooks a serious run for their money.

    We’re expecting another new iPad in 2020, a low-cost 11-inch model that could possibly feature a mini-LED display and an A12 chip. Something exciting to look forward to is the unveiling of the new iPadOS 14 at this year’s WWDC, rumoured to feature a new home screen, support for multiple windows, and more. One thing’s for sure: Apple is certainly building iPads as the future—and we couldn’t be more excited. In the meanwhile, have a look at what we’ve seen from Apple till now in the blogs below!

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