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    Foldable iPhone

    Bend it like Apple: A new fold may be on the horizon!

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    Ankith Nambiar
    Ankith Nambiar May 18, 2023

    Gadget aficionados, Gather around! Word on the street is that the wizards at Apple might be on a new creative spree. Yes, your mind isn’t playing tricks on you (we did make it kind of obvious with the title) – we’re talking about the tantalizing possibility of a foldable iPhone and iPad. How could Apple stay away from the trend?

    The whispers suggest that the tech giant, perhaps tired of the monotonous rigidity of the devices, may be flirting with the idea of a foldable iPhone and iPad. Because nothing screams ‘innovation’ like devices that can impersonate Baba Ramdev, right? 

    Exemplary Aesthetics or Design Disaster?

    There are two ways Apple could go. They can either go the Moto Razr method, making a glorified flip phone or go the Samsung Z-Fold way and fold a tablet in half like a Dosa. Either way, they will put their spin on it. Kinda like what Google did with Pixel Fold, stepping away from ‘How many cameras does it have’ to ‘How many screens does it have?’ Since this will be their first rodeo, the device may not be as polished as your regular iPhones.

    A Sci-fi Dream

    What most people are thinking about, other than the price, is compatibility. Will the iOS fit well with the folding idea? Or will it be riddled with inconveniences? Rumors have it that they might include the latest OLED screens. It is alright to say they will add as much tech as they can find lying around on their design shelves. Well, they have to beat the likes of Samsung and Google. Just adding an Apple sticker in the back may not make the cut. It is said to have a ₹2,00,000+ price tag, so they better make it worthwhile.

    Time for Power Play!

    Another topic in my mind is its battery life. Would we need to lug around a power bank akin to a brick just to see the day through? Or would Apple surprise us with a revolutionary battery technology that ensures our devices stay lit longer than a Marvel movie? It’s up in the air right now. One thing you can bet on is that charger’s adaptors will be sold separately!

    So, is Apple genuinely on the cusp of taking us on a journey into a foldable wonderland? Or are these rumors just the tech world’s equivalent of a fantastical fairy tale? It’s all conjecture at the moment. But one thing’s for sure; it’s given us all something to talk about other than the next iPhone color or what new gimmick iOS 17 will have.

    Anyway, we can’t wait to see Tim’s take on a foldable phone. While we eagerly await any shred of confirmation, I’ll be over here, with my trusty, non-bendable Android phone, basking in the joy of a simple and inexpensive existence.

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