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    Apple Watch

    When it comes to an accessory for your iPhone, a watch isn’t something that would’ve come to mind a few years ago. Yet, here we are! The Apple Watch, colloquially known as the iWatch, has become perhaps the most wished-for iPhone accessory. The Apple Smart Watch is the best all-rounder smartwatch in the market for iPhone users, miles ahead of the others. This more than justifies the Apple Watch’s price, which is also miles ahead of the other manufacturers.

    There are five Apple Watch series currently, with the latest Apple Watch having launched earlier in September 2019. The new iWatch has taken over the market with its always-on display, fall detection, international emergency calling, a Walkie-Talkie feature for connecting with fellow Apple Watch users, and more. However, it has the same design, health detection features, and battery life as the Series 4 Apple Watch, so some users who aren’t drawn in by the fancy always-on display are still choosing to get the previous model due to its cheaper cost.

    In 2020, we’re expecting the Series 6 Apple Watch, and rumours say it will offer a higher level of water resistance, improved wireless connection, and a feature for tracking blood oxygen levels that might help in detecting panic attacks. We’ve also heard that Apple might include a sleep tracking app preloaded into the new iWatch, rumoured to outperform the third-party apps out there.

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