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    Final Cut Pro iPad

    Old Characters, New Stage: Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro Are Coming to iPad!

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    Ankith Nambiar
    Ankith Nambiar May 17, 2023

    Cue the dramatic music, folks! Apple has decided to unleash two of its mega beasts into the wild. Starting May 23, 2023, the iPad is no longer just a glorified Netflix player or a fancy digital sketchpad. Why? Because the Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are coming to town, and they mean business.

    Bringing the big screen stuff

    Final Cut Pro, the edit-extraordinaire, is throwing caution to the wind and is joining the iPad Express. That’s right, no more being tied down to the desk; this big shot software is going portable!

    The iPad version of this Hollywood hero retains all its cool gadgets: the Magnetic Timeline, Multicam editing, advanced color grading, etc. But the story doesn’t end there! Apple has given it a touch-based makeover, so you can cut, swipe, and color correct with a single swipe. Sort of like Fruit Ninja, but on steroids.

    The only thing you need? An M1 or M2 chip, or anything newer than the A12 bionic chip. And an iPad, of course. With the newer chips, your video editing will definitely be faster. Plus, with LiDAR scanner support, you can dip your toes into the AR world too!

    Jockeying the discs on the go!

    Now let’s look at the B side of the tape. Logic Pro, the Mozart of music production tools, has also decided to join the iPad party and is ready to create symphonies on the go. Here’s a bonus! The Logic Pro syncs seamlessly with the Mac version, too. So you can literally compose on the commute and orchestrate on your desktop!

    Imagine being able to record, mix, and master your next track while lounging on your couch, sipping a latte. What felt like a dream before is now becoming a reality. And to sweeten the deal, Apple has sprinkled some touch and Apple Pencil compatibility too. 

    The Sour Cherry on top

    Now, time for the climax. It’s not exactly a Shyamalan twist, you know. We are talking about Apple here. They probably are thinking of keeping ‘expensive’ as their tagline.

    Well, the Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad will be arriving in the App Store on May 23, 2023. Your wallet will become lighter by ₹499 / month (or ₹4,999 / year) each for Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro.

    The way I see it, they are doing what DLCs do for a video game. Bringing the product back to the forefront and dangling shiny stuff in front of everyone’s eyes.

    That doesn’t mean that it’s not a good thing. It’s definitely a good thing. Apple may have actually presented a good deal (are we in the matrix?). What do you think? Comment your intrusive thoughts down below.

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