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    How to Change Default Browser Settings on iPhone & iPad?

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    Don’t want to go on a ‘Safari’? Go ‘Chrome’ instead. Safari is usually the default browser on iOS and iPadOS, and Apple hasn’t been too accommodating in letting third-party app developers change default browser settings. The Safari browser is home-grown and has customisation settings within the Settings app, where you can clear History, enable/disable cookies, and more. However, iOS 14 onwards, app developers will be getting an opportunity to change default web browsers and email applications. 

    How to Change Default Browsers on iPhone

    To change the default settings you need to wait till you get the iOS14 update. Currently, Google Chrome has updated its iOS app to comply with Apple’s system support for third-party apps running the beta version of the next iOS update. Once you change the default, any link you tap on will open in your preferred browser. Here’s how you can change the settings:

    • Launch Settings.
    • Scroll down and tap on Chrome.
    • Tap ’Default Browser App’ tab > select Chrome.

    If you ever wish to go back to Safari, follow the same steps above and select Safari as your default.

    We haven’t seen any developer use the system support for another web browser app or Mail application yet. Still, we’re nearing the launch of the much-anticipated iOS 14 and we hope to see other developers use it shortly. Many developers are working round the clock to get their apps ready for one of the biggest OS updates from Apple. 

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