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    Apple Releases New Update for Safari Web Browser

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Jun 20, 2021

    The new update for Safari brings the much-awaited security and privacy features to Macs running the older and current versions of macOS, including Catalina or Mojave. The latest Safari upgrade is already available on the macOS Big Sur beta software and will reportedly release with the next operating system update later this year.

    Surprisingly, a new OTA update makes new features of Safari browser available for users not enrolled in the Big Sur beta programme. Safari 14 brings a completely redesigned ‘Start Screen’ with website suggestions and customisable wallpapers. The latest web browser from Apple has an in-built tracking blocker that prevents websites from profiling you.

    The 14th edition of the Safari browser lets you view detailed privacy reports. This includes every tracker on each website you visit. Due to security concerns, Apple has removed support for the Adobe Flash Player. However, the company has added many features with this regard to keep user data safe.

    The latest Safari also supports 4K HDR video streaming and has an in-built translation app. However, these features will be available only with macOS Big Sur that’ll be available by the end of the year. To upgrade Apple’s web browser, Open System Preferences and click Software Update.

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