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Love Them or Hate Them: AirPods are a Big Success!

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Truly wireless headphones are absolutely a fad now, especially in the US. And according to a new report by market research firm NPD (for wireless headphone sub category), Apple AirPods are dominating the market even after running low on supply. Surprising as it may seem to some, their sales have been higher than longtime established competitors like Samsung and Bragi.

The report claims that over 900,000 units of completely wireless headphones have been sold just in the United States so far this year, out of which AirPods attributes to 85% of dollar sales since their launch in December 2016.

Why are people raving after AirPods?

NPD has specified the reasons behind the radical success of AirPods which include: “disruptive pricings, brand resonance and excitement over the W1 chip.” The report also says that features like integration with iPhone and Siri steal the brownie points over its audio quality. “With a use case centring on frictionless access to Siri and other tasks initiated by voice, AirPods act as an extension of the iPhone”, states the report.  

In the words of the CEO

Another report from earlier this year has also highlighted that Apple’s wireless earbuds were met with 98% customer satisfaction. Tim Cook called them a “cultural phenomenon” and said that Apple would struggle to keep up with the demand.

Cook also mentioned at the company’s recent earnings call that Apple is currently increasing the production of AirPods and shipping timelines have already started to improve. Availability from outside retailers like BestBuy has also significantly improved.

More From The Report

The report by NPD also mentions that the success of AirPods has made it difficult for new market entrants like Thursday’s Bang and Olufsen and Sony offerings to hold a high position. It says that they will, “have to provide some differentiation in features, sound quality, or associated services and applications” to compete with Apple’s wireless earphones.

AirPods has a five-hour listening time, and with charging case boost it could increase to over 24 hours of listening hours.  

Nevertheless, all things considered, if you asked me, I’d say Apple’s AirPods fails to impress. Ever since I first saw them, it seemed like the wires have been snapped off of the regular Apple earphones. Besides, I always seem to misplace one earplug from the pair, and it was mighty troublesome to lie down wearing with them in my ears! But as it turns out, a majority of people disagree with me and absolutely love the AirPods. To each his own!

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