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As Expected, Apple India has Reduced iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S Prices


Every year, after announcing the new iPhone models, Apple reduces the prices of previous generation iPhones by a substantial amount. Continuing the trend, Apple India has dropped the prices of all iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S variations, even before the India launch of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

iPhone 7

Both the variations of iPhone 7 have got a big price cut of Rs. 7,200. The 32GB version is now available for Rs. 49,000 and the 128GB model is priced at Rs. 58,000. iPhone 7 Plus models have got an even better discount of Rs. 8,200. You can now buy 32GB iPhone 7 Plus for Rs. 59,000 and the 128GB variant for Rs. 68,000. Here’s the new price list:

iPhone 7 India Price Drop

iPhone 6S

The discount on both variants of iPhone 6S is Rs. 6,900. The new prices for 32GB and 128GB models are Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 49,000 respectively. The cost reduction on the iPhone 6S Plus models is Rs. 7,100. You can now get iPhone 6S 32GB for Rs. 49,000 and iPhone 6S 128GB for Rs. 58,000. Take a look at the new price list:

iPhone 6s India Price Drop

iPhone SE

Fans of the smallest size iPhone will be disappointed to learn that Apple has not changed the prices of the iPhone SE in India even though it got a price cut of 50 USD in the US. We don’t know the reason behind this strange decision and can’t say for sure whether Apple India will revise the prices shortly. As things stand now, iPhone SE 32GB is priced at Rs. 26,000, and the 128 version is for Rs. 35,000.

Please Note: All the prices mentioned above are the official list prices at authorised Apple sellers. In most cases, you’ll to be able to get better prices at online stores like Amazon and Flipkart. However, when official rates are reduced, the online discounts also tend to get even better. So check all options before buying.

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