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2019 Apple Upgrades And More: Here’s What To Expect

2019 Apple upgrades

The year 2019 so far has been the year of Apple upgrades. Apple already upgraded the 15-inch MacBook and the iMac. Now, on the 10th of July, the company silently refreshed the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. This upgrade includes a better display and 8th Gen Intel CPUs. But most importantly, these Apple upgrades came with the slashed price to rake in more customers and boost sales. Sadly, the 12-inch MacBook 2015 has been discontinued.

The regular 2019 MacBook Air

Design-wise, the MacBook Air retains its ultra-portable, sleek and slender look. For numbers and figures enthusiasts, the laptop weighs mere 1.25 kg and measures 304.1 x 212.4 x 4.1/15.6 mm. Also, it sports a 13.3-inch Retina display. This screen supports Apple’s proprietary True Tone technology. This means it can automatically adjust the colour temperature for a comfortable viewing experience.

Plus, as anticipated, the 2019 MacBook Air gets a Touch ID sensor for biometric verification. With a full-sized keyboard with 78 keys, we also have a Force Touch Trackpad. This trackpad features multi-touch gestures like pinch and zoom, two-finger scrolling. And the compact notebook computer is kitted with an 8th gen Intel Core i5 processor.

The famous MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar

Like the MacBook Air 2019, this one features a 13.3-inch Retina screen with a pixel density of 227 ppi. It can be configured with two different Intel Core i5 chipsets. Both options have a quad-core and CPU that features 128 MB of eDRAM. The laptop got Apple’s renowned in-house developed T2 security chip to further enhance phone security. The secondary chip is there to keep your sensitive data like passwords and fingerprint information safely. According to Tim Cook and his team, this chip coding can not be cracked via brute-forcing, thanks to an additional level of security.

As the name suggests, the Touch Bar is a large touch display placed right above the keyboard. It replaces the conventional control buttons with an interactive and modern line of action. This Touch Bar can be used for basic functions like volume and brightness controls on the MacBook. You can also toggle the most used or your favourite apps with a simple touch.

Finally, the cost

Both the models you can buy from online and offline platforms. While MacBook Air Retina is for the US $1099, in India, it’s available for Rs 99,000. On the other hand, MacBook Pro 13 is for the US $ 1299 or Rs 1,19,000.

So, you want one, or you want one? 

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