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Varun Bhatia

All-Tech Fanboy. Digital Marketing Professional. Former Copywriter.
apple event march 2016

Apple’s Next Event Will Be On March 15

We’ve been talking about Apple’s upcoming March event for quite some time now. Most of the information we gave you about it was largely speculative in nature. We’re happy to finally be able to give you some sure-footed news! Read more

Apple car updates

Apple Car Hits Roadblocks

You must have heard of the proverb “All things come to an end”, right? Well, forget about the end, some good things don’t even start! And even if they do, they just totter around without gaining much of a momentum … just like the Apple Car. Read more

Apple India quit

Now Apple’s India Head Quits!

If it happens once, it’s chance; but if it happens twice, can you still call it chance? Or is it a pattern? That’s the question we asked ourselves when we first heard about the Head of Apple India resigning from his position. Read more