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Varun Bhatia

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sad Apple

Apple India’s Enterprise Head Quits To Start Android Company

It’s not every day that we get to hear of people leaving Apple. On the rare occasion that it does happen, the grapevine explodes into excited gossip, especially if the main character in this drama is a senior level employee. After all, why would you ever want to leave Apple? 

If you put that question to Sharad Malhotra, he would promptly reply, “To open up a new smartphone company, of course!” Read more

office 2016 for mac

MS Office 2016 for Mac Gets Important Updates

The latest installment of Microsoft Office for Mac isn’t drastically different from the 2011 version. I think that’s why many users (including the team at Applesutra) haven’t really bothered to upgrade it. 

Well, that’s not sitting very well with Microsoft and they’ve decided to give us a good reason to change our mind. How exactly are they doing that? By adding a bunch of impressive features with their recent software update. Now, we’re interested; very, very interested. Read more

iPhone price India

India Sells World’s Most Expensive & Cheapest iPhone!

The recent price cuts from Apple in India have now created a new paradigm. Something that has never happened before — the iPhone 5S in India has become the cheapest iPhone in the world! On the other hand, the Indian iPhone 6S Plus holds the distinction of being the costliest iPhone in the world!
Read more

Apple Watch tips and tricks

Our 5 Favourite Apple Watch Tricks

Who doesn’t like a neat trick, especially when it can enhance the performance of your beloved gadget? And why just performance? Even if it’s an ornamental change in the look and feel of the gadget, it’s worth a try, ain’t it? 

On that note, here are some of our favorite tips and tricks that will make your Apple Watch a lot more fun to use. Read more

iPhone price India

Apple Slashes iPhone 5S Prices by Half; Offers Discount of 13,000 on 6S

Apple disappointed its Indian fans by launching iPhone 6S at an extremely steep price tag of Rs. 62,000. The market echoed the familiar ‘great phone, but too expensive’ sentiment and sales predictably took a hit. But, to everyone’s surprise, Apple changed the dynamics within a month by offering 34,000 buyback and other incentives on the latest iPhones. And now Apple is raising the temptation meter even higher by announcing massive price cuts across its phones range. Read more