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    Burning iPhones – Your Worst Nightmare Has Come True!!

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Jul 29, 2016

    The internet is full of crazy people of varying degrees. From doing weird science experiments to making a fool of themselves at ‘talent hunt’ shows, people don’t seem to stop at anything. Still, somehow, few of these weirdos find a way to take crazy to an even crazier level.

    More specifically, some people just want to watch the iPhones burn. 

    Meet Zach Straley, a YouTuber who does tech videos. He’s famous (read: infamous) for doing notorious things to electronic gadgets. This cold hearted youngster has no love for gadgets and there is ample evidence of that on his channel. He has subjected helpless gadgets to unthinkable pains by tossing them in blenders, washing machines etc.

    This time, though, he’s transgressed all boundaries of mortality and literally set the iPhone on fire!

    He burnt not 1, but 10 iPhones — one from each generation – to see which of them is the most fire resistant. Like, why would anyone ever be curious about that? Needless to say that all the iPhones succumbed to the injuries. God bless their souls!

    In case you want to know the result of the experiment, he discovered that the older iPhones are much better at braving the Agni Devata than the newer ones.

    Here’s the heart-stopping video of 10 iPhones burning to their ashes.

    Burning iPhones full video:

    Sorry if we broke your heart. 🙁

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