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    iPhone 8 Might Come With 3 GB RAM and a 64 GB Base Model!

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Feb 19, 2017

    With each passing rumour, the upcoming iPhone 8 is looking more and more hard to resist! This time around, there’s news of upgrade of both storage and RAM!

    Here’s what TrendForce is reporting about the iPhone 8:

    Apple likely to scrap the base model of 32 GB and replace it with a 64 GB one.

    That means that even the entry level iPhone 8 will have more than enough storage for most people. Looks like Apple has finally stopped being stingy about storage, thank God!

    iPhone 8 might also start shipping with 3 GB of RAM.

    Thanks to their marvellous hardware-software integration, iPhones usually don’t require a lot of RAM. Having said that, extra RAM never hurt anyone. And given this bump in the RAM, we can only assume how fast the new phone is going to be!

    Other features

    • 3D Facial recognition
    • Augmented reality support — possibly integrated with Apple Maps
    • 3 Size models
    • Bezel-less model
    • Full curved display

    Of course, all of these are only rumours.

    However, over the past, such rumours have turned out to be quiet true. So, you never know!

    We are going to keep our fingers crossed. And so should you!

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