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    Android Phone Catches Fire, Owner Demands iPhone as Compensation!!

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Aug 28, 2016

    Recently, our AppleSutra community witnessed many battles being waged between hardcore Apple fans and hardcore Samsung/Android fans. While it’s fun to watch you kids quibble among yourselves, we still have a moral obligation to put out the fires every now and then.

    But, not this time, and not this post; for this one is intended to start a hundred thousand arguments! 

    For Deepak Gosain from Chandigarh, it was just another day until he hooked his OnePlus One to the charging port at night. Soon after, he went to sleep. He had no idea how close he was going to come to physical harm!

    He had barely gone to sleep when he heard a loud explosion. He woke up with a start and was shocked to find his phone on fire, belching out thick black smoke! He had the good sense to quickly disconnect the phone from the charging point. Otherwise, the short circuit could have spread throughout his entire.

    Later, he tweeted a few photos of the burned phone, and we must say, it looked pretty darn scary!


    As you can see in the tweet above, he tagged both Amazon and OnePlus. Both the companies promptly offered to help. OnePlus One even said they’d be happy to give him a OnePlus Three as a replacement. But Deepak had other plans. He insisted that he be compensated with cash and be given an iPhone 6s!!

    His demand might seem a tad bit greedy but hey, that phone could’ve been next to his ear when it exploded!

    Besides, it’s quite possible that Mr Deepak had had enough of his outdated Android phone. He probably wanted to experience something better. And when he sensed an opening, he grabbed it with both hands to upgrade his handset!

    We are yet to find out if OnePlus agreed to his demand or not. They did, however, put up this public release

    “Our top priority is the health and safety of our customers. We are confident in the quality of our products, which all undergo industry-leading safety tests. We are already in touch with this customer, but since this is an open case, we cannot disclose any further information.”

    This certainly is not the first time we’re hearing of phones exploding. There have been other cases before, and they were quite serious ones. Some of these incidents involved iPhones, so let’s not pretend like iPhones are fireproof or explosion-proof. It’s just that for Deepak, the lure of the iPhone was too damn much to overcome! Can we really blame him?

    After all, like Apple’s own ad says: If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone! 

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