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    ‘OS X’ May Soon Be Called ‘MacOS’

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Apr 22, 2016

    Apple is famous for keeping things simple! But every now and then, there comes up some odd feature that sticks out. And once you notice it, it’s so hard to ignore!

    What are we talking about? Why, the OS X, of course!

    We’d told you about how (and why) Apple dropped the “i” from their product names. After iPod, iPhone, and iPad, you have Apple TV and Apple Watch, not iTV or iWatch!

    What we’d failed to notice while writing that article was that the company was extending a similar naming strategy to their software as well.

    Consider this —

    We have watchOS for Apple Watch, tvOS for Apple TV, iOS for all the “i” devices (iPod, iPhone and iPad). But for the Mac series, we have OS X.

    iOS, watchOS, tvOS, OS X … Do you see the break in the pattern?

    Well, Apple certainly does. Or at least we think it does. In a recently posted set of FAQs on their website, Apple wrote “MacOS” instead of “OS X”.

    Many websites are saying that it just might be an oversight. Allegedly a mistake.


    We think it’s a slip up. We believe that Apple has already started referring to OS X as the MacOS in their internal communication. And while writing those FAQs, they might’ve forgotten that the new name hadn’t been made official yet. They let it slip.

    Come to think of it, rebranding OS X as MacOS (or macOS) would make so much sense! For one, it fits in nicely with their overall nomenclature for softwares. For another, it feels more organic and intuitive — a trait Apple claims mastery over!

    If Apple is,in fact, thinking on those terms, then the upcoming WWDC would be the perfect time for them to announce it!

    Apple has since updated the FAQ page, and it now say OS X instead of MacOS. But you’re too late Apple, the horses have already fled the stables!!

    This anomaly was first reported by 9to5Mac.

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