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Apple’s New Dinosaur Emoji has Made a Scientist Very Angry!

Apple emoji

In celebration of the World Emoji Day, Apple introduced 56 new emojis bringing the total count to 239. And of all the new emojis announced by Apple, the T-rex received scorn from a scientist that says the green dino’s anatomy is ‘wildly inaccurate’.

A vertebrate palaeontologist and associate professor at the Carthage College in Wisconsin, Thomas Carr stated that there are six major inaccuracies in the Tyrannosaurus Rex emoji.

  1. The bottom teeth of the dino are showing in the emoji, but in reality, they would never peak out of their mouth
  2. The eyes of a T-rex are on the side of their head and not above the snout
  3. Also, the location of the ears is wrong on the emoji. They should be just above the jawline
  4. T-rex don’t have such small and lanky arms as it is usually comically depicted
  5. The nostrils aren’t placed correctly. They should’ve been closer to the front of the snout
  6. The overall shape of the head of the T-rex is wrong

When Carr was asked if he would use the particular emoji himself, he said ‘unfortunately not’ and that he would like to see ‘basic anatomical accuracy, especially in the shape of the skull which is the very identity and personality of the mammal.

He further added, “‘the lesson here is that it isn’t hard to get dinosaurs right — it just requires a bit of attention and expert input to draft a stylised, but accurate.”

While we respect his observational skills, we can’t help laughing at the absurdity of the situation. Mr. Carr needs to realise that we are talking about an emoji here, not a pictorial representation of the creature in a text book. It isn’t meant to be ‘accurate’. So Sir, relax please!

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