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Why You Should NOT Install iOS 11 Beta

iOS 11 beta

Apple has released the public beta for iOS 11. And we know that some of you will be super excited to download and install it. However, we suggest caution. Here’s why you should NOT install iOS 11 beta!

It’s Unstable

The “beta” in iOS 11 beta, has been put there for a purpose. It signifies that the product is still in development; that it’s not complete. And like any incomplete software, this version too is highly unstable. It’s prone to frequent crashes and might not support a few features.

It’s Buggy

Betas are released to see if a given feature works how it’s supposed to. The testers at Apple can’t put the apps/features through their paces regularly enough, so they are released to the public. So this is the first time these features are actually leaving the development team (except when they were released as a part of Developer Beta). The point is, there will be a lot of bugs in the code. The software will not be performing to its optimal because it’s not yet been You might see a lot of battery drain, or just an overall sluggish behaviour of the apps.

It’s Incompatible

A lot of app developers might not have developed a version of their app that’s compatible with iOS 11 beta. Hence, you might find that some of the apps are not working as they should. Or that they have disappeared from your phone completely.

It’s Not Secure

One of the biggest reasons to be wary of iOS 11 beta is that it might be as secure as the full version. The risk of being exposed to a lot of junk from the Internet is very real. And, carrying forward from the previous point, if one of the apps that store your bank/card details (like Paytm, Zomato, etc.on) is malfunctioning on the beta, the risk is doubled. We would highly recommend, therefore, to install iOS beta on a spare device only.

It’s a Hassle

Finally, it’s a real headache when you have to upgrade to the main version of iOS 11. If you are on the beta, you can’t just directly upgrade like we normally do. You’ll have to uninstall the beta and downgrade your phone to iOS 10 first, and then upgrade to iOS 11 via one of the usual methods.

All in all, installing iOS 11 beta is a BAD IDEA!!

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