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Apple F A [?] nally rolls out the iOS 11.1.1 Update with ‘i’ Autocorrect Fix

iOS 11.1 bug

Praise the lord! Apple has f “A [?]” nally answered our prayers and released yet another iOS 11.1.1 Update. The update comes with a fix for the iOS keyboard glitch that has been driving everyone up the wall. For those who have been living under a rock, the weird autocorrect bug replaced the alphabet “I” and other vowels with a strange combo of “A [?]”. The bug first appeared in the first week of November and then spread from the initial number of affected users to a larger mass.  

The iOS bug was no doubt frustrating, but the tweets and memes that followed the strange  “A[?]” symbol were, at the very least, endearing after the initial frustration wore off.

When the Internet Takes Lemons….

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While Apple was working on a permanent solution, they suggested a rather hilarious fix on their website.

They straight up suggested setting up your autocorrect from a capital “I” to a lowercase “i”. Gee, thanks, Apple, who could’ve thought of that!

Well, lucky for us, the tech giant saved us from hell. The bug fix pushed by Apple will bring the default predictive texting feature. This means that autocorrect will now recognize the capital ”I” and won’t replace it with random symbols. All you gotta do is, head to Settings->General->Software Update

Along with the autocorrect fix, the patch also fixed the AI assistant problem where Siri didn’t respond to “Hey Siri”. (I almost felt like Siri ignored me on purpose, tbh), but I am glad to know it’s just my Indian accent playing up. Siri, you’ll never get me. #misunderstoodindian

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