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A Roster of New Emojis Coming with iOS 11.1

iOS11.1 Emojis

While we are still discovering (and loving) the cool new features of iOS 11, Apple is once again ready to shake things up with its very own zootopia/animal kingdom and hundreds of other emojis that have been featured in the beta version of iOS 11.1. The characters, which are a part of Unicode 10, will soon see the light of the day. (Expect the Vampire Emoji of course!).

Apple has announced a trove of highly-anticipated new emoticons which include gender-neutral characters, clothing options, food types, animals, mythical beings like zombies, vampires, wizards, mermaids, mermen, fairies, more expressive smiley faces, etc. (I sure am inspired to be a mermaid this Halloween.)

Apple had recently announced a handful of emojis on World Emoji Day, earlier this year. The list of emojis included a Woman with Headscarf, a Breastfeeding mom, a T-Rex, and the American Sign Language gesture for “I love you” and all these emojis are on their way to the new iOS 11.1 update.

The update will finally make Apple iOS 11 equivalent to the recently launched Android Oreo, which already supports a vast number of emojis. That said, a number of Android users are still running the older version which does not support the new characters.

Release date

The new emojis of the iOS 11 will also be available across all Apple devices, including those running macOS 10.13.1 and watchOS 4.1. These updates are already available in developer and beta previews of iOS 11.1 but we are yet to get a confirmation on the official release date for the iOS 11.1.

The update will definitely earn some brownie points from the campaigners who have been calling for headscarf, gender neutral and age-specific emojis for few years.

Here’s a roster of few emojis revealed by the company and it happens to include an angry swearing emoticon and a Chinese takeout box (Apple just read my mind!):


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