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iPad Lovers: iOS 11 Brings a Whole Bag of Goodies Your Way!

iOS 11 iPad

I’ll start this post with an honest admission – I snoozed through most of WWDC 2017 and almost wailed as the event seemed to drag on and on with no end in sight. But the moment the iOS 11 updates were revealed, with special reference to iPad, my interest was immediately piqued.

Having recently bought an iPad (and fallen in love with it), I was glued to the screen when the latest updates were announced for iOS 11. Having screamed in ecstasy and ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ in response to every announcement made by Craig Federighi, I am truly excited about an iOS-like I’ve never been before. I simply can’t wait for the iOS 11 to be launched because I’m dying to try out some of the rad features I saw being showcased at WWDC this year.

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For those who’re as excited as I am, here are some of the ways in which iOS 11 will change the way you interact with your iPad.

1. Files App

We’ve asked for it, and asked for it, and asked for it, and now Apple has deemed to hear our prayers. The new Files App on the iPad gives you a convenient way to organise, search and browse your files. It’s not limited to the ones on your iPad but includes those in your other devices (the iPhone, Mac), in the iCloud Drive, and across third party services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

2. Mac-like Dock

The apps dock has expanded and is able to accommodate more apps than the conventional 4 that is allowed to us now. Come Fall 2017 and my dock is all set to look like the one on my Mac, with about two dozen applications crammed into it!

Also, the new dock will be accessible from any screen you’re on. All you have to do is slide up to reveal it, even if you’re using an app.

3. New App Switcher

Those who were fed up of the app switcher have something better to look forward to. Now, when you open the second app from the dock, it will pop up right next to the one you were using previously. This way, both the apps will remain active and you have the option of choosing between Slide Over or Split View.

The app switcher itself has received a tweak and you’re no longer required to press the home button twice. Just drag the dock up and continue dragging it upwards to access the new app switcher, which, incidentally, remembers your favourite app pairings and displays them as sort of quick shortcuts.

4. Drag and Drop

iOS 11 comes with Drag and Drop support that makes it a whole lot easier to move photos, text, and files from one app to another when it’s in the split screen mode. It also works with apps in the dock or home screen.

5. Easier Typing

Typing becomes quicker because you can now access punctuation and numbers without having to switch back and forth between views. Just flick down on a key to select a punctuation or number of your choice.

6. Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil becomes a lot more versatile with iOS 11, because you can mark up virtually anything on the iPad now. Whether it’s a PDF or a screenshot, making annotations is as easy as picking up the pencil and marking away! In fact, with the new document scanner, you can upload a digital image of any document, fill it out or sign it with the Apple Pencil, and share or save it, as you please.

7. Note Taking

Note taking also gets a small makeover. The latest iOS update allows you access notes just by tapping on the lock screen. All handwritten notes are searchable, and you can also add inline drawings in Apple Mail.

Like I said, the iPad, after being royally ignored these last few years, has received a great number of updates that will make it such a pleasure to use. In fact, I am fairly certain that iOS 11 will help take iPad beyond the realm of just a media consumption device and allow users like me to do more productive things with it.

Hurrah for iOS 11. Can’t wait for it to release.

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