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iOS 13 Public Beta is Here! Will You Dare to Take It for a Test Drive?

iOS 13 Public Beta

Feeling adventurous? In a mood for something toofani? Well, you are in luck fellas! 

Apple just decided to bless us with an early launch of iOS 13’s first public beta version for iPhone (6S and newer) and iPod touch (7th-generation) as an over-the-air update. Get your iPhones and iPods ready!

Yeah, yeah it was initially expected to land in July, but Apple’s feeling generous I guess! But the real deal iOS 13 doesn’t come out until the fall or does it? Now that’s a discussion for later. For now, let’s fill you in on the details!

The public beta is up and available to anyone who wants to help test early builds of the OS (Me! Me! Me!) that will run on iPhones and iPods later this year. Went into shock? Go you ought to come out from under that rock! At this year’s WWDC Apple released two versions of iOS – iOS 13, for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and iPadOS 13, a dedicated iPad OS with new multitasking features and a desktop-class version of Safari. To know more, check out https://www.applesutra.com/ios-13-introduced

Moving on, all this must be as exciting as it gets for you nerds, but there are few words of caution before you expose your Apple gadgets to pre-release versions of iOS 13!

The Much Needed Advice

There’s no argument that Apple’s beta versions of upcoming iOS have gotten more and more stable over the years. However, they’re still called a beta version for a reason. The reason being, it’s not the end product, it’s still WIP — it’s not finished. So expect apps troubles, horrible battery life, random but frequent restarts, and more. 

Couldn’t scare you off? You sir, a true Apple Fanboi! Now, if you want to test your hands at the iOS 13, go with the beta mindset (be prepared for blunders) and offer loads and loads of feedback.

Can You Take It All Back?

We’ve seen your will to deal with bugs and other software issues. But did you know that going back to your current and may I remind you, an official and bug-free version of OS, is not an easy task? It’s possible, but you will have to say goodbye to your previous iPhone life, as you can’t restore from a backup made with your iPhone/iPad on iOS 13. 

So, how about you create a backup of your device the way it is just before you move on the beta version. 

All Pumped Up? Here’s How to Install It:

·     Go to https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/ on your iPhone and sign in using your Apple ID

·     Pick iOS from the the list of public betas available (there’re iPadOS, macOS and tvOS betas too)

·     Download and install the beta profile using this link https://beta.apple.com/profile. Remember, the downoad will be available only if you open the webpage on your iPhone.

·     Once the profile is downloaded open the Settings app

·     Tap the profile as it shows up and approve the installation. 

·     When the device is rebooted after the profile is added, go to Settings > General > Software Update and voila! Download and install iOS 13. 

Got it? Good!

Ready, Set, Install 🤩

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