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The Wait is Almost Over! iPhone 8 Likely to be Unveiled on 12th September

iPhone 8 launch

Keeping in mind Apple’s product launch history, it’s easy to guess that the time has come for iPhone 8 to be unveiled. Come August; Apple usually starts preparing to send out the invites for their annual iPhone event. And in a new report by Mac4Ever, it has been mentioned that this year’s iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus event date would be Tuesday, September 12th. According to the website, the new iPhone models would go on sale a week after the event – on Friday, September 22nd.

Apple has always held their launches on weekdays (typically, Tuesdays or Wednesdays), followed by the launch of the product a few weeks later on a Friday. Mac4ever’s prediction seems to be sourced from information gained from a few French telephone carriers. But at this point, anyone who would place bets on a Tuesday or Wednesday in early September could end up getting the guess right. So, we should take this ‘news’ with a grain of salt.

On September 30th, Saturday Apple’s financial quarter would come to an end, so it’s likely that the company plans to have its iPhone 8 event early in the month followed by the market launch a week or so later. This would show a boost in the iPhone sales figure. Thereby September 6th also seems to be a likely date for the event with the phone’s market launch on September 15th.

In in 2012, iPhone 5 was announced on September 12th, and the release took place on September 21st. In 2013 the launch of iPhone 5s/5c was announced on September 10th and released on September 20th. Similarly in the following years in 2014, 15 and 2016 for iPhone 6, 6S and seven respectively, the announcement and release took place in September.

The iPhone event in September would most likely also see the unveiling of a 4K Apple TV and potentially Apple Watch Series 3, although when those products would hit the market is unclear. The event would also give us an insight into the official launch dates of iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, watchOS 4 and the tvOS 11.

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