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Band, Baja, iPhone X: A Man Rides A Horse To Bring Home His Beloved iPhone X

Apple aficionados have been known to go the extra mile to get their hands on the latest products. With the launch of iPhone X in India, a Mumbaikar decided to travel that extra mile by shunning horsepower and … wait for it … riding a horse!

iPhone X
Source : Outlook India

Yep, a real horse. Neigh!

A man from Thane district recently created a buzz that broke the Internet. According to reports, Pallival (that’s the guy’s name, in case you were wondering who this hero is) rode a horse to an Apple store, along with with band, baja, and baraat to pick up his pre-ordered iPhone X.

To express his love for iPhone X, (because the procession clearly wasn’t enough!) Pallival was holding a placard that read, “I love iPhone X”. A man of few words, he is. Believes in straightforward communication.

Seeing his enthusiasm and excitement, even the owner of the store complied with his eccentricity and agreed to presented the phone to a very excited Pallival while he remained seated on the horse. Thanks to this stunt, he (the ghursawar, not dukandaar) became an Internet sensation. The video went viral and has left many in splits. (Am I the only one who’s thinking about the traffic commotion?)

iPhone X India
Source : india.com

Nevertheless, it sure was a lucky day for Pallival because even as most of us are only drooling over pictures of the iPhone X online, and he got to carry one away on his ghodi. Or was it a ghoda? #nevermind #hardlythepoint

It’s time to up your game Apple ‘fanboys’. The bar has been raised, and how! This man single-handedly beat you all with the fanfare he put together when he went to collect his dulhan, I mean, the iPhone X. How are you going to get the better of that, now?

The Apple iPhone X which was launched with a limited stock in India will cost Rs 89,000 for the 64GB variant and goes up to a whopping Rs 1,02,000 for the 256GB model.

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