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Essential Apple Magic Trackpad Gestures: Infographic by Applesutra

MacBook Pro India magic trackpad gestures

There’s a reason why the Trackpad from Apple is called “Magic”. It supports multiple touches and the engineering coupled with intuition is capable of achieving some great feats. That’s why we have designed this infographic highlighting the most essential Apple Magic Trackpad gestures that every Mac user must know.

NOTE: Although the title says Apple Magic Trackpad Gesutres, all these work on the trackpad built into the MacBooks as well.

MacBook Gestures

These Magic Trackpad can really take your productivity to the next level. In the beginning, they may seem a bit complicated, but once you get used to them, you’ll wonder how you got anything done before them! We got so used to them then whenever we use a Windows laptop, those trackpads seem so outdated and primitive!

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