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Forget iPhone 7, Last Year’s iPhone 6S is Thrashing Note 7 in Speed & Scratch Tests

iPhone 6S vs Samsung Note 7

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launched last month, it took the world by storm. Tech reviewers from everywhere stood united in praising this wonderful device, even going to the extent of calling it “the best goddamn phone ever made.” Even The Verge, (in)famous for its love for Apple, said, “The glorious Galaxy Note 7 is what happens when a company isn’t afraid to go crazy!”

Apple fans, of course, lost it. They (we) could not see any device other than an iPhone claiming the top spot. But with nothing to substantiate their (our!) claim, a sullen silence seemed the best option.

There were hues and cries that heralded that the upcoming iPhone 7 will end this short reign of Samsung on the throne of smartphone kingdom. While I was skeptical of the claims to say the least, the first signs suggest that I might have to end up eating my hat!

iPhone 6s whopped some serious Note 7 ass on the speed test.

In a test conducted by PhoneBuff, the Note 7 was pitched against the current reigning champion of speed, the iPhone 6s. The two phones were tasked with opening a bunch of apps from various genres such as games, news, video streaming, productivity, etc. The rules were simple: An app had to be fully open and responsive before moving on to the next. None of the apps were to be killed. This was done to test the phones’ app launch speeds. That’s lap one.

In lap two, all the apps from lap one, that were left running in the background, were to be opened again, in the same order as before. Again, only after an app became fully responsive were we allowed to move on to the next one. This was done to test the multi-tasking ability of the phones. 

Everyone thought it would be a close fought race, and the winner, whoever it might be, will be ahead just marginally. However, the test threw all the assumptions out of the window. For Samsung fans, the results were nothing short of depressing. For Apple lovers, on the other hand, Christmas had come early! The iPhone dismantled the Note 7, and then some! The 6s finished both the laps before the Note 7 could finish even one! 

iPhone vs note 7 speed test

You know how when you watch Usain Bolt run, he just seems mildly amused as he rips apart the competition? Like, he starts off the slowest and ends up beating the silver medalist by a good meter and a half! In a 100 meters race no less!! And you think, that’s just not fair. At the highest level of the competition, this should not be happening. It shouldn’t even be allowed!

That was exactly what I thought after watching this video:

I wish I could ignore the results, but it’s too large a gap for me to overlook without guilt. And that’s not the only bummer:

Turns out, the Galaxy Note 7 screen is way more susceptible to scratches than the iPhone!

In a new video from YouTuber JerryRigEverything, we see him testing the durability of various parts of the Note 7. He starts by inflicting cuts on the screen, before proceeding to the home button, the back camera cover and the S-pen. Jerry then holds up the phone to a flame before putting his might to bending the helpless phone. What a sadist!

Similar tests were conducted on iPhone 6S for comparison.

In all the tests, except the bend test, the Note 7 performed worse than the latest iPhone 6S Plus. The widest gap in results was found in the scratch test.

There’s a universal scale for testing the hardness of surfaces. It’s called the Mhos Hardness Scale and ranges from 1 to 10. Sapphire is ranked at 9, hard plastic at 1.5 – 2. The iPhone 6s Plus had a hardness of 6.8, and guess where the Note 7 landed? On a measly score of 3!!

I’m attaching the video of the test here, but be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted. This guy opens a brand new Note 7 and absolutely wrecks havoc on it. No matter if you love Apple or Samsung, the savagery, the mindless cruelty that he inflicts on the phone is enough to shatter the heart of any gadget lover. (My god, I think I should start a PETA for phones!)

Scratch resistance is something I am willing to make peace with. However, what makes me question the praises showered on the Note 7 is its dismal performance in the speed test.

I firmly believe that competition breeds quality. So Samsung stealing the show with an amazing smartphone is exactly what’s needed to keep Apple on its toes. Yes, these two tragic test results have given the Apple fanboys some ammo to hit back, but Note 7 is still a bloody good phone. In fact, I would dare to say that it’s still the best phone out there. Until, Of course, the iPhone 7 hits the market!

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