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    AirPods Wireless Charging

    Does Wireless Charging Make AirPods 2 a Must-Have?

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    Ashrita Dkhar
    Ashrita Dkhar Oct 6, 2019

    Hello, and welcome to this edition of AirPods 2 comparison. There are a lot of contenders for the title of the best wireless earphones, and the competition is tight (well, kinda). So in this round, who is the opponent? It’s none other than the first-generation AirPods. Now, there are all sorts of confusion about which one to buy (in case you still don’t have a pair) or whether it’s worth upgrading. To make things easier, let’s compare what has changed in AirPods 2.

    Round 1: The Chip Story

    The chipset is a definite upgrade going from W1 to H1 which is designed to make the whole wireless experience smooth. The older W1 chip was designed to focus on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection that is used in wireless headphones and the Apple Watches.

    Like we already said, the new-gen H1 chipset is designed to do a lot of things. Instead of being wireless-focused like its predecessor, it is headphones focused. This allows higher quality audio with better speed and a stronger connection. Users can also use voice-activated Siri to give commands.

    Round 2: The Phonecalls

    In this edition of AirPods 2 comparison, the news that will probably excite you the most is that with the H1 chip, AirPods 2 has 50% more talk time than its predecessor. And that means up to 3 hours of nonstop gushing about the cute doggo or the swag kitty. Do you think that’s a little overboard? Listen here, no amount of gushing is too much when it is about dogs, cats, squirrels and cows.

    Moving on, your impatient little souls will love the 2 seconds you save on call lags. So, let’s say if you were dancing to some tunes and you suddenly got a call, there would be no more “hello, can you hear me?”. Let’s only use this sentence when we’re singing Adele.

    And you know how sometimes the voice on the other end sounds like Hawkings’ except it’s your mother? Yeah, there won’t be any more of that either with the improved audio and voice quality of the AirPods 2.

    Round 3: Hey Siri

    One of the biggest inconveniences in the first generation AirPods is that to activate Siri you first have to double-tap on either of the buds, depending on which one you assigned Siri too. It takes a few seconds, and it’s a hassle if you have the memory span of a goldfish. You can accidentally double tap on the wrong bud. Also, I’m sure it’s happened to a lot of people where you end up accidentally activating Siri while adjusting your bud. After all, not all AirPods fit like a glove; some need a little adjustment.

    However, with AirPods 2, these issues are non-existent because it has voice-activated Siri. This makes the whole process easier and hassle-free. And you can go about doing your job without having to remember which bud you should double-tap or wait for the voice assistant to activate.

    What’s The Verdict?

    If this is your first AirPods purchase, then go for AirPods 2. But is it worth to upgrade from AirPods 1? We don’t think so.

    The biggest updates in the second generation AirPods are few. And these changes are not significant enough for an upgrade. Besides, you can’t even tell apart a first-generation AirPods from a second-generation one. The design is still the same – the same speaker placement, the same white.

    We see no point in shelling out Rs. 18,900 for a new pair when you already have AirPods 1. If you think this AirPods 2 comparison is a practical one, hit us up in the comments.

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