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Amazon offering Massive iPhone 7 Discounts in India

iPhone 7 discount India

It’s raining iPhone 7 discounts!

No, it’s not. I mean, it’s not as many discounts as our paupered purses would like, but maybe I should take my blessings where I get them and just shut up!

So, coming back to what I had started off saying – Amazon is currently offering discounts on iPhone 7 and, if you’ve been hankering after an iPhone 7 or making your parents’ lives miserable, you could now get the 32 GB, Black, variant of this model for less than 45,000 rupees. (If you can call that less, but whatever.)

For those who’re greedy for more storage space, the 128 GB in Jet Black can be yours for 52, 972 rupees, while the 256 GB variant (same color) will cost 66, 439 rupees.

There you go, friends. Time to dip into your savings account, whip out your credit cards, or sweet talk your sister / best friend / boyfriend / brother / parents into buying the phone of your dreams.

Meanwhile, I am going to start working on another post on how corporatization is ruling the world and consumerism is going to spell doom for mankind. Toodle-oo!

Here’s the link to sell your soul and buy the iPhone 7 – http://amzn.to/2u2YqB3 

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