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    It’s High Time That Apple Copied These Android Features

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Jul 1, 2017

    Over the many iterations of Google’s and Apple’s mobile operating systems, they’ve each borrowed elements from the other. A lot of Android features have found their way into the iPhones, and vice-versa with iOS features.

    While copying features is not an ideal practice, we do believe that some features are so basic, that they need to be there on both the platforms. But who’ll tell that to Apple! There are so many amazing Android features that Apple just refuses to bring over to iOS. Which — as a former Android user, and current iPhone user — just bugs the hell out of me!

    So, for all the great features that iOS 11 is introducing, here are four features I wish they adopt from Android.

    1. Multiple user profiles

    Have you ever had to hand over your phone to someone and hoped that they would not open a “wrong” app by mistake? Our phones, after all, are the keepers of our worst secrets. The darkness of our souls are trapped in these gadgets, and you wouldn’t want others to peep into them!

    Android has the ability to add multiple profiles to the phone. Thereby separating your data, apps, etc, from snooping eyes. Clearly, Apple understands the use of multiple profiles because it’s available on macOS! If not multiple profiles, at least give us a Guest Profile, Apple! Please!!

    2. Multiple Do Not Disturb schedules

    “Android has really spoiled me with its “automatic rules” for Do Not Disturb mode,” says Ben Patterson of the PCWorld. And I couldn’t agree more.

    When I first switched to an iPhone a couple of months back, one of the most missed Android features for me was the ability to customise “Do Not Disturb” modes. On Android, I had created multiple sets of rules, and depending on the situation I was in — meeting, riding, sleeping, etc — I had set parameters to allow only certain kinds of notifications.

    That’s not possible on iOS. You either go all in or all out. And it sucks!

    3. Search the entire screen

    People think Siri is great. The problem is that these people have not experienced Google Now first hand. The level of performance Google Now offers on an Android phone is unmatched! And if you thought Siri struggles while competing with Google Now, you have no idea how lame Spotlight looks while going head-to-head with the immense power of Google search on your phone!

    One of the best Android features has to be the ability of Google to search through text on your phone. And it’s not in this app or that site. It’s literally everywhere. No matter what screen you are on, one single tap and Google will instantly fire up, letting you search the screen. It might not seem like a big deal, but trust me, once you get used to it, there’s no going back.

    4. Clear all app windows

    Okay, seriously! Why the hell is there no way to close all apps at once on iOS? I cannot tell you how frustrated I got during the first two weeks of using my iPhone! I would sit and literally swipe each app away. 5 times a day. 7 days a week! And each time, the act was scored to a slew of unmentionable swear words, directed at Tim Cook and Jony Ive.

    I have been told that an iPhone is extremely good at managing the RAM and that the apps in the background are intelligently managed to provide the best multitasking experience. But this is what I say — no matter how advanced the technology, there always needs to be a manual kill switch!

    Are there any other Android features you think Apple should … um … “borrow”? Or there are things that could go the other way round, perhaps! Either way, right to us, and let us know!!

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