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    Easily Shift from Android to iPhone with Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ App

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    I remember the day when bought my first iPhone. It was probably the best day of my life … and the worst!

    Worst? Really? REALLY? Is that how I remember my first interaction with the iPhone?

    Well, it wasn’t the phone in itself that was evoking mixed signals. Over the moon as I was to hold my precious iPhone 5C in my hands, the switch from Android to iOS was sucking the life and joy out of me. You see, a year and a half ago, the transition was anything but easy or seamless.

    After a lot of huffing and puffing and breaking my head against the wall, I only managed to transfer a small portion of my contact list to the iPhone. 250, to be precise, because that’s how many could be saved to the phone’s sim. I had to enter the remaining 439 manually … one by irritating one!

    To compound my misery I couldn’t transfer any of my media files – song, videos, ringtones, etc. – at least, not the convenient way. I first had to move them to my laptop, sync them with iTunes, and then transfer all the data into my iPhone. It was almost 2 days before my phone felt familiar … and more importantly, mine!

    Today,  thanks to some genius developer in Apple’s team, migrating from Android to iOS is a breeze. Coming to users as part of iOS 9, the app, somewhat unimaginatively named ‘Move to iOS’, is a blessing for all those who are switching camps.

    Apple’s new Move to iOS app can securely import 

    1. Contacts
    2. Camera photos and videos
    3. DRM free books and songs
    4. Message history
    5. Mail accounts
    6. Web bookmarks
    7. Calendars
    8. Wallpapers

    In addition, any free apps you may have used in your old phone (like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Evernote, etc.) will pop up as suggested download from the App Store. It even takes care of your paid apps by adding them to the iTunes wishlist. Exactly how the transfer will happen is as yet unclear, but Apple promises top security for the data being moved.

    Given its usability, I am surprised the app wasn’t part of the Apple’s keynote at WWDC earlier this year. I mean, imagine the load lifted off your shoulders with all the data transferred wirelessly from the old phone to your spanking new, super stylish iPhone. Difficult as it is wrapping your head around a new mobile operating system, you have at least one thing less to worry about now. Simply focus on enjoying your new iPhone with the app.

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