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    Best Apple Deals on Black Friday & Cyber Monday for Indian Shoppers

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Nov 26, 2022

    Hello shoppers! This it the best time of the year to get apps (and some hardware) for your Macs and i-devices. 

    Yes, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are primarily limited to the US, but it doesn’t mean you should dismiss them altogether. There are quite a few offers, espcially on software that you can get here in India.

    In fact, some of the retailers in India are offering suprisingly good discounts on Apple hardware as well.  

    We’ve put together the Top 7 software & Top 5 hardware Black Friday  offers that we’ve found  for Indian shoppers:

    Top 7 Software Deals

    1 Password: 50% off on annual subscription (down from $3/Month to $1.50/Month) – https://1password.com/affiliate/promo/individual/  

    Grammarly: 55% off on annual subscription (down from $12/Month or $5.44/Month) – https://www.grammarly.com/black-friday-sale 

    Clean My Mac: 30% off on annual subscription (down from ₹3,338/Year to ₹2,038/Year) – https://macpaw.com/store/cleanmymac 

    NordVPN: 68% off 2 years plan (down from $447 to $143) – https://nordvpn.com/pricing/ 

    Things 3: 30% off on Mac, iPad & iPhone apps – https://culturedcode.com/things/

    Fantastical & Cardhop: 50% off on annual subscription (down from $40/Year to $20/Year) – https://flexibits.com

    Babbel: 60% off on lifetime subscription (down from $499 to $199) – https://stacksocial.com/sales/babbel-language-learning-lifetime-subscription-all-languages

    Top 5 hardware deals

    (online stores of Apple’s Authorised Sellers)

    iPhone 14: ₹3,000 discount + ₹5,000 Cashback + Free wireless charger at Aptronix – https://www.aptronixindia.com/iphone-14

    MacBook Air: Flat 10% off + ₹10,000 Cashback + ₹10,000 Exchange Bonus at Invent – https://inventstore.in/product/macbook-air-m2/

    Apple Watch Series 8: Flat 5% off + ₹3,000 Cashback at FutureWorld – https://www.futureworldindia.in/watch-series-8 

    AirPods Pro 2: ₹900 off + ₹2,500 Cashback at Imagine – https://www.myimaginestore.com/airpod/airpods-pro-2nd-g

    Apple’s Original Accessories: Up to 30% off at FutureWorld – https://www.futureworldindia.in/accessories

    Which of these deals did you find the most lucrative? Let us know in the comments below.

    Happy Shopping! 

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