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    All The Things That Apple EarPods Can Do

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    Apple’s EarPods are not just pretty things, they are also intelligently designed to add a great deal of functionality to your phone. Here are a few tricks you had no idea your EarPods could do:

    The One That Skips

    Don’t like the song that’s playing? Skip to the next track by pressing the Play/Pause button twice in quick succession. Pressing the button three times will take you to the beginning of the previous song.

    The One With A Specific Taste

    Like just a very specific section of the song? You can fast-forward the song to any part you like by pressing the Play/Pause button rapidly twice. But, this time around, don’t let go of the button after the second press. Hold it down until you hear track progressing. Leave the button to Play. This trick also works for video files.

    The One That You Missed

    If you missed something in a track, you can rewind it to a specific section. Repeat the process explained above except press the Play/Pause button three times instead of two. Press and hold on the third press to rewind and then let go to Play. (Also works for video)

    The One That Listens

    Press and Hold the Play/Pause button to activate Siri. Talk to her directly from your EarPods!

    The One That Annoys

    Don’t want to answer a call? Press and Hold the Play/Pause button during an incoming call for a couple of seconds. You’ll hear a double beep and the call will be cancelled.

    (To answer the call press the Play/Pause button once, and press it again to disconnect the call).

    The One That Really Matters

    Mom calls while you’re speaking to your girlfriend? Press Play/Pause button once and the first call will be put on hold while you take the other call. Press Play/Pause again to disconnect the second call and go back to the first.

    The One That Needs To Be Captured

    With your camera app on, press the volume up (+) button on the EarPods to take a picture.

    The One To Rule Them All

    If you own a Mac, then you can use all of these functions on iTunes and QuickTime Player as well. Just plug the EarPods into your Mac and enjoy a free remote!!
    Have any other tricks hidden up your sleeve? Write to us and we’ll share it with fellow Apple lovers!

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