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    Apple’s Next Event Will Be On March 15

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Feb 7, 2016

    We’ve been talking about Apple’s upcoming March event for quite some time now. Most of the information we gave you about it was largely speculative in nature. We’re happy to finally be able to give you some sure-footed news!

    Apple’s spring event has been confirmed for March 15, 2016.

    The confirmation comes from highly placed sources at Apple, as reported by BuzzFeed. Many other sources have also supplemented that information. However, in the remaining six weeks, changes can occur in the schedule.

    What is the event about?

    Apple is professed to touch on three major product categories:

    • A smaller (4 inch) iPhone.
    • A new iPad; and
    • New Bands for the Apple Watch.

    Here’s what we can expect for each of them:

    The Smaller iPhone

    Most likely to be called the “iPhone 5se” — where “se” stands for Special Edition – this is going to be Apple’s entry level iPhone. It will cater to those who still believe in Apple’s once sincere feeling that “the 4 inch screen is the most ideal form-factor for human hands”.

    Other features we can expect to see are an A9 chip with M9 motion coprocessor, 1624 mAh battery, 1GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.2, Apple Pay, VoLTE, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and 16GB and 64GB storage models. 3D Touch is likely to be left out.

    iPad Air 3

    Apple did a fantastic job with the iPad Pro, and it has set the bar really high for the smaller cousin. It will be interesting to see, therefore, how Apple plans to satisfy its customers. For now, we are expecting a 4K Display, 4-8 GB RAM and Apple’s super-powerful A9X processor.

    We’re also hoping that the new iPads will support Pencil (the stylus Apple launched with iPad Pro). Of course, adding a stylus and a smart cover will significantly push the price up, but it will also enhance iPad’s productivity a lot.

    Bands for the Apple Watch

    A couple of weeks back, we discussed why Apple Watch 2 launching in March was almost confirmed. However, things have changed since then. It now looks like Apple will only be providing a few minor updates for the Watch and launching new Bands.

    The change is attributed to a delay in the supply line arising out of possible manufacturing problems. We hope to see the new Watch soon though.

    Well, those are the (possible) highlights for the Spring Event that everyone’s looking forward to. We will keep you updated if there are any changes in schedule. For now, however, this is what the main  agenda for March 15th will look like.

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