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    Apple Mask

    All-New Apple Face Mask for Apple Employees

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Jun 18, 2021

    Novel Coronavirus se aaj pura desh lad raha hai..” We’ve all been listening to this caller tune for a long time and (hopefully) doing our bit to stay safe and indoors as much as possible. The pandemic has gripped the whole world, and like us, every country has been fighting COVID-19. 

    Sanitisers, gloves, and most importantly, masks have become the norm. I have never used as many sanitizers, various brands’ hand wash, or UV device cleaners, let alone masks before. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be living in an actual sci-fi flick. Deserted roads, masked people, unsafe outdoors, all remind us of scenes from a Stephen Hawking setting.

    Post the unlock phases, we have started seeing activities resume, the then-deserted streets are now returning to the “new normalcy.” While masks have become the “in” thing, we’ve seen many brands showing-off their collection. In a way, face protection gear has joined our shopping lists as well as our wardrobe.

    The Apple Face Mask

    As per reports, Apple has designed its own custom Apple face mask specifically for its corporate and retail employees. It has been completely designed and engineered in-house by Apple’s team in Cupertino. The front has a three-layer protection cloth, it can be washed and reused for up to five times, and has a distinct transparent design. Now you may just be able to recognise your favourite Apple Store employee by their masks!

    The mask has a triangular design to accommodate the nose that prevents glasses from fogging up, a struggle people like me with glasses have to deal with. It also features rounded bottom-end to cover the chin, and adjustable strings for the ears, finally someone understood the significance of trouble our ears go through. I was starting to feel, post the Pandemic we may have to wear our masks at the back of our head for a couple of months to straighten out the ears.

    Jokes apart, the situation out there is quite serious, and we all need to be responsible citizens in curbing the spread of the virus. Always wear a mask, avoid crowded areas, and step out only if necessary. And don’t forget to keep your Apple devices clean!

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