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    Within 4 Months of its Launch, Apple India is Offering Big Discounts on iPhone Xr

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    February is considered the month of romance and Apple resellers are really spreading the love with an amazing discount on iPhone Xr. So, whether you’re looking to buy a (delayed) Valentine’s gift for your significant other or you’re in the mood to pick up something for a friend or a family member or even yourself, this deal is worth giving a second look.

    iPhone XR @ Rs. 63,810

    Yes, you read that right, and no, we’re not kidding! The cheapest model of the 2018 iPhone series, the iPhone Xr with a starting MRP of Rs 76,900 can be yours for the effective price of INR 63,810, and Apple fanboys around the country could not be more pumped. We get this price courtesy of an in-store discount of Rs. 6,000 clubbed with 10% cashback on Citibank and Axis Bank cards, so if you’ve not got one of these, we suggest you beg, borrow, or steal your way to one.

    In addition to this, all you butterfingers out there are also entitled to exclusive screen replacement benefits for up to six months, so if you happen to gift one to someone who hurls it back at you, all you have to do is visit an Apple authorised seller’s showroom, and you’ve got a brand new screen all for yourself! Of course, conditions do apply.

    The Best EMI Deal Ever @ Rs. 1,999

    Now, if Rs. 63,810 is too much for you to shell out at once (we understand your pain, comrade), there’s another deal which is perfect for you. At a convenient EMI of Rs. 1,999/ month you can own your very own iPhone Xr without burning a hole in your pocket. If you happen to have an old smartphone you’re willing to let go of, you’re looking at an exchange offer valuing up to Rs. 25,000. And when you factor in the 10% cashback on Citibank and Axis cards along with an instant store discount of Rs. 6,000 … well, love really is in the air. It may just be Apple love, but we’re not picky. We’ll take whatever we can get.

    Now, the question on our minds is this: What are you waiting for? Visit your closest store and grab a deal for yourself before the offer runs out!

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