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    Apple iOS 11.3 with New Features Gets Closer to Public Release

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Mar 10, 2018

    Apple just released the third beta for iOS 11.3, which comes exactly two weeks after the release of iOS 11.3 beta 2 that brought battery health data and performance-throttling controls. The iOS 11.3 beta 2 brought some much-needed power management to the battery settings in iOS 11.3. It enables the user to observe the overall battery health of their iPhone, and suggests if your unit needs to be serviced. It also notifies if your battery is stimulating a chip slowdown, and can choose to turn that feature off. By default, iOS 11.3 disables performance management on the iPhone, and the feature is only re-enabled once a device experiences an unexpected shutdown.

    Moreover, the iOS 11.3 beta 3 seems to be mostly under-the-hood improvements. The latest update on iOS 11.3 introduces exciting new features, like Messages in iCloud for saving space and syncing messages across devices. ‘Messages in iCloud’ is one of the most exciting features, promised way back in June 2017. The user can sign in to a new device and see the whole Messages history right away. Delete a message on one device, and it’ll be gone from all.

    Another exciting update is AARKit 1.5, a new version of ARKit, which enables the user to map irregularly shaped surfaces, recognize images, and place objects on vertical surfaces like walls, more accurately.

    Apple’s Animoji has come up with four new emojis (dragon, bear, skull, and lion) with the latest update on the iPhone X. Additionally, there’s a new ‘Health Records’ feature that sums all of your medical records in one easily accessible place in the Health app. A newly introduced ‘For You’ section in the Apple News displays the top videos of the day.

    Other useful and interesting features includes a support for Advanced Mobile Location (AML), which gives a more accurate location when you place an emergency call. You can now view more information about the app size in the ‘Updates’ tab at App Store. There’s software authentication for the HomeKit with this new update and a new Privacy screen and icon will show up whenever Apple asks you for info.

    With the release of iOS 11.3 comes Business Chat, which will let you interface with businesses like Wells Fargo, Delta, Hilton and Lowe’s right in the Messages app. Also, improvements to Apple Music will bring better support for music videos.

    iOS 11.3 is set to be released in the spring, so the update will be in testing for at least another couple of weeks.

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