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Apple Falls From 1st to 17th Position in the Most Innovative Companies List

Apple ranking

In Fast Company’s annual ranking of the 50 most innovative companies in the world, Apple drops from the top spot in 2018 to 17th position this year.

The topmost spot is now held by a Chinese tech firm Meituan Dianping, which “expedites the booking and delivery of services such as food, hotel stays, and movie tickets.” The rank is rewarded to this Chinese enterprise for its excellent performance and marketing strategies. The platform facilitated $33.8 billion in transactions for more than 350 million people in 2,800 cities.

The other companies in the top five list are Singapore-based ride-hailing company Grab, NBA, The Walt Disney Company, and women’s fishing e-commerce service Stitch Fix.

In 2018, Apple’s new product that left a mark wasn’t a phone or a tablet, but a chip: the A12 Bionic. A12 Bionic is the industry’s first processor based on a seven-nanometer manufacturing process. The 6.9 billion transistors of A12 impressed us with its dramatically faster performance, lower power consumption, and more raw muscle for intensive applications usage.

Last year, Apple Inc. was given the first place for its accomplishments in 2017 that included the launch of iPhone X and the Apple watch series 3. But the most remarkable one was ARKit and its work to improve medical care with CareKit and ResearchKit.

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