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    Apple Retail Store in India

    Apple, What Is This Behaviour? India Apple Store Delayed Again to 2023

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    Does anyone else feel like having a little bit of a cry? Just me? Okay, I’ll get straight to the point then. Apple’s upcoming India store (which has been upcoming for a long long time already) is delayed. Again.

    Just when we’d thought we could finally expect to step into a magical Apple Store in India next month, they pulled the rug from beneath our feet. Damn you, Apple! You got us again!

    Now What?

    Well, the Applesutra team has collectively decided to stop speculating, that’s what.

    Just kidding. As if we could help ourselves. It’s not coming in August, that’s for sure, or any time this year.

    According to Economic Times, we can now expect India’s first Apple Store (in Mumbai) to open during the January-March quarter in 2023. Why, you ask? Apparently, pandemic-related shipping issues impacted more than just iPhone deliveries; Apple couldn’t get “interior fittings” and other supplies for the store in time.

    This makes me wonder how fancy the place is going to be. Apple Stores are known to be a magical land of tech beauty, and we hear this one’s going to be no different! In fact, the Mumbai store is reportedly set to be on par with Apple’s landmark stores in Singapore, L.A., and New York, set in a 22,000-square-foot space at a shopping mall.

    Apple Marina Bay Sands Store in Singapore. Apple India store, despite delay, is expected to be one of the landmark Apple stores in the world.

    Apple Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

    Kind of raises the excitement a bit despite the disappointment, eh?

    Can We Expect an India Apple Store in Early 2023?

    Before you ask how much of a confirmation we have on this new date, it’s safe to say — none.

    Honestly, at this point I think we should all just pretend to look away and ignore the problem. Maybe that will help speed things up a little? A watched pot never boils and all that rot, right?

    Anyway, what are your thoughts on the Apple India Store getting delayed again? Disappointed but not surprised, or were you one of the few who actually believed it would happen this time? Let us know in the comments!

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