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    Infographic: Apple Music India vs Saavn, Gaana & Google Play Music

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    Since it’s launch about two years ago, Apple Music India has been steadily gaining more and more users. At the same time, the number of competitors it’s fending off has also gone up. Here’s a look at how it compares to all the other music streaming services in India.

    In this infographic, we compare the main features of Apple Music India to its three prominent competitors — Saavn, Gaana, and Google Play Music. Obvious points of comparison are price, the number of songs, offline availability, and if ads are present or not. We also look at some of their respective USPs.

    Here’s the comparative infographic for Apple Music India.

    As can be seen, Apple Music, on paper at least, is much better than Saavn and Gaana, and at par with Google Play Music. What it lacks in is market penetration. Because of iPhones having such a small fraction of the smartphone market, (barely 3%), Apple Music hasn’t been able to take off. Now that the Android app for Apple Music India is here, we are hoping it will fare better.

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