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    iPhone reverse charging

    Will My iPhone Be a Wireless Charging Pad? Apple Is Yet To Answer!

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    Prerona Dekaphukan
    Prerona Dekaphukan Feb 14, 2023

    Wireless charging is not a new challenge for Apple. Reversing the technology, however, is something the company is yet to crack. As rumours have it, Cupertino engineers are still working on cracking the code, but despite moving heaven and earth, they are still falling short of perfecting bilateral wireless charging on time.

    A Too Little Too Late, Unfortunately

    Reverse wireless charging is where Apple totally missed its shot at thinking differently. Android smartphones were way ahead in putting forward this feature. A subtle owie-Howie blow on Apple’s face, that was. I mean, Tim Cook and company would’ve loved to be the first to introduce the reverse charging tech on a smartphone, right?

    Alas! Apple missed the bus and has been trying to catch up for a long time. Their FCC filings for iPhone 12 included a couple of hardware indicating its reverse wireless charging capabilities. But the feature wasn’t enabled on the device. It could, however, share power with MagSafe Battery Pack but only when the lightning cable was attached to a plug point. I would say that was a small first step in the right direction.  

    And Then, Nothing, Whatsoever!

    We have had rumours surface and resurface with every successor of the iPhone 12 series that Apple would roll out full support for reverse wireless charging. The iPhone 13 lineup came and went without any progress. The same story repeated with iPhone 14 series. Now it’s almost time for the iPhone 15 series. And here we are, haplessly dreaming that maybe, just maybe Apple would make it this time. Turns out they are still falling short on the project and are way behind on the timelines.

    Cross My Heart and Hope for the Best

    At this point, if the feature comes to iPhones, it has to be top-notch – charging speed, minimal heat dissipation or energy loss in transmission, software optimization – it has to be the full package. I am hoping that Apple’s attempted failures are actually attempts for perfection. 

    iPhone’s reverse wireless charging has to be the best of its kind. I think that’s the only thing that can put Apple engineers out of the misery of not being able to meet deadlines. Otherwise, what’s the point of claiming the position of the most innovative tech giant of our time? I hope Apple’s recent partnership with the Wireless Power Consortium will give the company the push (and tools) it needs to master reverse wireless charging finally. Fingers crossed!

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